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Coming from Industrial Design background, I have 15+ years of experience designing digital products, defining user experience strategy, applying user centered design, delivering quality work with agility and leading multi-role teams.


Over the years, I had the privilege of working with Wayfair, TD Canada Trust, Dell Software and Iranian software companies such as Chargoon and Seyagh.

I’ve most recently been working on mobile & web experience as well as conversational and VUI design.



Wayfair Professional is a free membership program that unlocks “pro” pricing on millions of furniture, decor, and commercial products. In addition to discounts, this program provides additional tools and services to help professional customers meeting their business needs.

This project was to understand the existing barriers, learning more about the pain points in each step of the shopping journey and to ideate and conceptualize the future of this program. 

The approach was to do primary and secondary research, using quantitative and qualitative data, competitive analysis, ideating, designing and defining where this program wants to be in 3-5 years. The end goal was to  evaluate and prioritize the work for production.

Company: Wayfair


Design Team:

1 Design Strategist, 2 Product Leads/Designers,

1 UX Researcher, 1 Content Strategist



Product Design Lead (For Sales and Buying Experience)


2 Months Dec 2022- Jan 2023

Project Status:

Discovery Stage


TD Canada Trust

Loyalty Experience

With the purpose of increasing customer engagement and point redemption, TD Loyalty Team decided to revisit the loyalty experience for TD credit card owners. I was the manager on this project and lead the strategy and design  through to completion. The project was developed over two parallel streams - Vision and Execution. The Vision stream was to explore all the possibilities to define the north star. This work was broken into different MVPs and while the Vision was getting completed, the Execution stream started building the experience. As a result, the whole loyalty mobile integration was built and in the partnership with Starbuck, the option to redeem TD points to Starbuck Stars got added to the mobile app.

Company: TD Canada Trust


Design Team:

UX Lead, 1 UX Designers, 1 Visual Designer, Copy Writer, and Design Research Team



Design Team Lead, UX designer





Project Status:

Phase-1&2 Launched


TD Mobile App - Dashboard

Company: TD Canada Trust


Design Team:

1 Design Strategist, 1 UX Lead, 2 UX Designers, 3 Visual Designers, 2 Creative Technologists, 1 Copy Writer



Design Team Lead





Project Status:


Old Dashboard


New - Aurhenticated 


TD strategy is to have pre-authenticated and authenticated dashboards separately and user only logs in if authentication is required. This “open-door” strategy came out in 2015. As part of experience design strategy team, we decided to take it further and bring more value to both pre-authenticated and authenticated dashboard by adding more insights. Adding personalized information that could help customer understanding “how they are doing” and if they need to do any banking today. This project was fully directed and funded by design team and took about 2.5 years to be launched.


In this project, there was a dedicated execution team including: Technology(both Android and iOS), BA, Project manager, QA team which were working closely with design team.

Design team itself had 2 creative technologist for iOS and Android to provide all interactions and animations coded and tested before handing it over to the execution team.

Alongside with having customer needs in centre of our design decisions, our business goal was to increase customers engagement and changing their behaviour in using the app from task based only and provide insights that could help customers with day to day banking.

Since it was a design driven project, my role was to lead the whole project end to end, from being part of the strategy design, leading the design team as well as execution team and make sure the result is aligned with our strategy.

Adding Account Balance



Account page was the most visited page in the app with the highest traffic. To improve home page experience and provide the summary of everything that customers need to know at a glance, we added an account card on TD app dashboard. This card is customizable and user can add or remove the accounts from this view and control what they want to see.

Account card was the very first card on TD Dashboard so as well as solving for the content of this card, we also designed the structure and the framework of this piece so it can be used for our further purposes.

Adding Spending Overview to TD Home Page

TD MySpend is a separate app from TD that provided breakdown of monthly spending. As part of TD app dashboard redesign, we decided to bring a quick overview of the existing information from TD MySpend and provide it directly within TD app. Although we used the existing data but everything else was designed from scratch.

Adding Personalized Insights

Knowing that we already have product info, transactional and spending data & behaviour of our customers. In order to increase the value of our home page, we introduced AI driven personalized insights that predicts possible low balance, upcoming payments and provides solutions based on customer’s behavioural pattern.

In this project we’re working with Layer6 to analyse the data to make these predictions. All of our use-cases (launched and in-progress) are chosen from the findings of our research team to make sure we are ahead of the customers to help them with their financial needs.


This was used during COVID-19 to identify and help our customers who were affected financially to provide them the help they needed.


TD Clari

Conversational Assistant

Clari is TD Canada Trust Chatbot which is now launched and available in TD Canadian app. I was the design lead on this project from conception to execution. One of my key focus on this project was to ensure that technology constraints do not limit the customer experience. Business goal was to decrease the volume of the phone channel calls which was achieved at the end of phase-1 of this project.

Throughout the project I worked closely with the Design Research, business, technology and QA teams, as well as the vendor to ensure we achieve the best possible result.


Answering to customer’s need

Providing 24/7 Support

Decreasing the volume of the phone channel calls

Company: TD Canada Trust


Design Team:

UX Lead, 2 UX Designers, 2 Visual Designer, Copy Writer, Creative technologist and Design Research Team



Design Team Lead, UX designer





Project Status:

Phase-1 Launched

Starling Bank

VUI / Alexa skill

Starling Bank is a digital challenger bank based in the United Kingdom. They provide variety of simple banking features including Instant in-app chat money transfers, spending overview and breakdown and ability to save for goals within your account. This project was a concept to find opportunities to improve their services and include Amazon Alexa voice skills.

My role in this project was to lead the team through user research, opportunity mapping and designing two solutions to answer customers PRIVACY concerns in using voice for banking tasks.

Company: Starling Bank


Design Team:

1 UX Lead, 2 UX / VUI Designers,  1 Copy Writer



Design Team Lead - UX Designer



Aug 2020 - Dec 2020


Project Status:


Foglight is an enterprise monitoring platform to manage and resolve performance issues across infrastructure. The purpose of the project was to bring mobile access to the required monitoring data, as well as managing and resolving performance issues.

My role was use experience designer and visual design and managing artifacts for execution.

Company: Dell Software


Design Team:

1 UX Lead, 1 UX Designers, 1 Visual Designer



User Experience Designer





Project Status:

Partially Launched

Foglight APM mobile

Dell Software

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